Interesting Sights From Northeast Baltimore(Spoiler Alert! There Will Be Wall Art)

I had lunch today at the Broadway Market and I always drive North on Broadway when I make my way home because it is just so interesting to see how Baltimore is developing in some areas and how there is still a lot of work to be done to improve our city in others. I love this city so much and I just can’t stop discovering it.

Well here is the awesome lunch I discovered; Bibimbop at Lucia Joanns in Broadway Market.  They serve normal diner fare AND Korean food.  AWESOME! Photo, please!

ImageStir fried veggies, beef, rice topped off with egg and srihacha sauce. Yum. You can get it without meat and egg for a vegan treat.

Afterwards, traveling North on Broadway, I took time to take a photo of one of my favorite pieces of urban art that I have been meaning to document here in this blog.  Finally, here it is.  Image

You may notice that in the left of the shot is a huge Scan thingy with the address of the vacant property.  I wonder if this is part of the Wall Hunters film project/social movement, ‘ya know as a way to ID the buildings.  I’ve seen these on other buildings with art on them so who knows?

As I headed farther up on Broadway I found this out of the way bar near Hoffman and Gay streets.      Image

It’s padlocked, I guess because it’s the middle of the day.  Maybe it is just closed for good, but admittedly, if it is shut for good, the immediate area around it is oddly clean.  The sign says, ‘Connie Torain’s Hideaway-Your Home Away From Home’.  Oh that Connie!

Now I only found Connie’s because I was turning around to take a photo of this Amtrak mural that oddly enough is visible from the Amtrak train tracks that run through Northeast Baltimore on their way to Penn Station.  I love the art but I wonder what the thinking was on that commissioning; “Hey, we need a mural of an Amtrak train to remind the people on Amtrak trains that they are on an Amtrak train!”  Here’s the mural.Image

Till next time, hons!

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John Eager Howard Gets a Little Work Done

That John Eager Howard is so vain!!!JEHOWARD1Look at this guy!!  He’s being fawned over!  What a lovely Fall day in the Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore!

say cheese!

I like the view the guy in the back has.

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Stay Classy, Catonsville! OR If You Aren’t a “Swinger”, Why Are You Standing Outside of a “Swingers” Club at 2 am??

Three shot outside swingers club in Catonsville early Sunday

Three people were shot in the parking lot of a members-only swingers club in Catonsville early Sunday, Baltimore County Police said. All three victims are expected to survive their injuries, police said.

About 2 a.m. Sunday, police found three people suffering from gunshot wounds outside Tabu Social Club at 1115 N. Rolling Road. Two of the victims were taken to a local hospital and later released. The third victim remained hospitalized and is listed in serious condition, police said.

Tabu owner Vicki Gonzalez said the shooting was connected to a nearby afterhours club that was recently shut down by the county.

“Last night an unfortunate incident happened in the parking lot of the 40 West Shopping Center, in Catonsville, which happens to be the shopping center where Tabu Social Club is located,” Gonzalez said. “While we do not have all of the details at this time, we do know that the victims were not members of Tabu Social Club.”

On its website, Tabu describes itself as a members-only lounge for single women and couples.

Police did not provide any information about a suspect or a motive.

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Found this post for you on Tumblr

Sam Ball was the number one draft pick for the Baltimore Colts in 1966. Look at the Colts’ record from 66 until 1970. They were a juggernaut! He only played those 4 seasons before his knees gave out. At least he won a Super Bowl in his last season.

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Hey America….You’re Welcome!

Over the years, when I have found myself talking about the War of 1812 with people that are not from Baltimore(which happened 2 maybe 3 times) I, of course, relished the opportunity to inform those fine folks that the British, after burning Washington DC, moved on to Baltimore.  The British ground forces were beaten at the Battle of North Point(lotta folks don’t know that) and we all know that the British Navy bombarded Baltimore’s Ft.McHenry and that’s how we got that awesome song known as the Star Spangled Banner.

I would often end that discussion by saying something smarmy like, “Oh yeah, don’t forget to thank Baltimore for saving the Nation.”

I’m just obnoxious sometimes.  Anyway, this quote sums up what I was trying to say, far more eloquently than I ever could.  It’s part of the amazing Ft. McHenry National Historic site.  If you plan on visiting Baltimore, please, please, please go visit this National Treasure!  If you live in the region, go visit today!!  I’ll stop yammering, here’s the quote:

I love that it's from a newspaper called The Yankee that was published in Boston, said the Baltimore Orioles fan

I love that it’s from a newspaper called The Yankee that was published in Boston, said the Baltimore Orioles fan.

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This is my new favorite piece of urban art.  It lives on a wall at the intersection of N. Patterson Park and North Avenue., You gotta dig this! It looks like a 1950’s Creature Feature; something that might be lampooned on Mystery Science Theater 3000.


It's a Monster!

It’s a Monster!

What’s even cooler about this piece of Art is that there was a pair of yellow pumps in front of the mural on the sidewalk. It’s like they were left there by a woman as a sacrifice. Lets see them!  Oh, and Yellow Pump Sacrifice is the new name of the band!

yellow pump sacrifice!

yellow pump sacrifice!

Now lets see them up close!HandAntHead2ShoesThis also harkens back to a short series of blog posts I did about Baltimore being the land of misfit shoes.  Maybe every shoe I see on the streets of Baltimore is a sacrifice to some wall mural monster deity.

Stay Bizarre Baltimore!

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I Love that HowChow Blog digs ROOTS MARKETS’ Lemonades!!

I am very excited that the hard work and creativity of Roots’ Chef, Seamus Scott and our hard-working and creative cooks, Araceli Valladares and Nathan Tucker is getting such a rave review from the HowChow Blog.  Today, I did a live Demo at our Clarksville store and we sold a LOT of Lemonade.  Ginger Wheatgrass, Raspberry Thyme and Strawberry Basil and all the others.  Just real exciting for all of us in Roots Markets’ Prepared Foods Department!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Spectacular Lemonade At Roots: Jazzing Up With Fruit And Flavors To Refresh Your Summer

I’m a water-drinker.  The fads of flavors and teas left me unimpressed.  But Roots has captured me with lemonades that are worth the splurge.

Mint-lime.  Wheatgrass-ginger-lemon.  Strawberry-basil.  These are Roots house brand made into 16-ounce bottles that go for about $2.  They’re full of flavor, done nicely where strong tastes like ginger or basil are measured nicely so that they’re energizing, not overwhelming. They’re a great reason to check out the Clarksville organic grocery store.

If you go to Roots, check all my posts.  But definitely check out their guacamole.  I’ll hold Mrs. HowChow’s guacamole over anything, but you can’t beat the convenience of Roots’ fresh-made version.  They buy great avocados, and that has always been tough for me.

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Sing along with the Bird!


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Baltimore Boy’s Random Photos to See if WordPress Advice Works.

Last blog, I complained about how, once again, WordPress has felt the need to screw with a good thing, therefore, making the site harder to use.  I actually sent an inquisition to WordPress and a response was sent to my gmail.  As per usual, when I do stuff like that, the answers I get are for nerds, which is silly because why would a nerd need to ask a computery question??!

So here are 3 photos that are acting as a design guinea pig thingy.

At least the first photo is of one of my favorite subjects, Baltimore Graffiti.  This odd scrawling appears on the Bank of America ATM at the Northwood shopping center in Northeast Baltimore.

I like how its circled for emphasis.

I like how its circled for emphasis.

Now is the writer, tagging the ATM?  Is he maybe, BUMBA RED?  or is he a cheeky British sort who is hoping that his BUM is BARED? Crazy guy!

Dig this, recently, my Chef and I were reviewing our dress code/health code rules for our employees and in an email that he wrote concerning this matter, he typed, “All team members are required to wear a clean hat or banana to restrain their hair.  Yep, he meant to type, ‘Bandana’. But I wanted to let him know that even when he isn’t there, his trusted Regional Manager, (me) was ready to work!7.13bananahead

Now let’s finish with the greatest photo of all-My Beautiful Girls.

Look at those eyes!

Look at those eyes!

Looks like I figured out this thing, again….WordPress, please stop changing things!!



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My Baltimore Books

I am consistently threatening to do a whole bunch of blogs about every book I have that is Baltimore-themed. Much to my chagrin, I have failed to follow through on this.

Other than flea markets, Normal’s Books&Records in Waverly is probably the best place to buy the greatest variety of Charm City books. Let’s give them a visual plug, shall we?


Before I go any further, it seems that WordPress has seen fit to change the format and method of uploading images so I hope that this isn’t a wasted effort.  Let’s soldier on.

On my last visit to Normal’s I found this book, “The Buried Rose” by a Baltimore native named Sidney L. Nyburg. I am now going to try to upload another image.

It’s a collection of nearly-novella length stories that report on the problems of fairly well-to-do Baltimoreans around the time of the War of 1812.  The book was published by Knopf in 1932 and the copy I bought is a fourth printing from 1948, so there was a definite appeal to this book for many readers. Nyburg’s style is a little wordy and I’m guessing he wrote it with elongated, dramatic flourishes in hopes of mirroring the speech styles of the time depicted.  I did a search for Sidney Nyburg and found that he lived from 1880 to 1958 and that he was a lawyer that also happened to be a five-time novelist.  His most well-known work is titled, “The Chosen Ones” and is his only work that concerns itself with the experiences of the Jewish population of Baltimore.

But the real reason I’m writing this blog about this book is all due to the bookmark I found in it.  The bookmark is a very simple business card sized page holder.  Since I have no idea if the photo I took of it will actually attach to this blog, I will let you know that in the upper left corner of the card it says in iconic script, ‘HUTZLER’S Baltimore’.  In the center of the card, is the simple inscription, “Best Wishes, Peg”

Was Peg a gift-giver of this book? Was Peg an employee of Baltimore landmark department store, Hutzler’s?  That’s what my guess is, anyway.

I think it’s just the coolest thing.  This tiny glimpse of 1940’s Baltimore.

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The Best Band in Baltimore That Doesn’t Exist!

If you’ve read this blog before, and really, how can you resist, you know that I enjoy graffiti.  Not all graffiti.  It has to be on something that someone doesn’t love, own, care about, etc.

I’m also a fan of what I call, Cementiti.  Cementiti is when someone draws in wet cement. We’ve all seen it and sure, a lot of it is stupid and uncalled for, but I find it interesting for some reason.

Anyway, I like to run and sometimes I run past the VA hospital complex on Loch Raven Blvd. and about 50 feet south of the bus shelter is this bit of Cementiti.


That’s right! It says, “HER BLACK OATMEAL”  What the HELL does that mean??!  I mean, it could be an advertisement for, “HERB LACK OATMEAL”, but…c’mon. Maybe, one of you delightful readers can give me an idea of what it might mean?  Maybe it’s a cipher?! A lazy cipher, but a cipher nonetheless!!

So of course in my mind it immediately became the name of the imaginary band that I’m in.  I know it’s no Toynbee Tile, but what the hell, I think it’s awesome!  Oh, and sorry that my big hand shadow is in the way.

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