About Baltimore Boy

My name is Scott Carberry and I’m a born and bred Baltimore guy.  I love talking  about Baltimore, movies, food and lots of other stuff.  I would list a whole bunch of crap about myself but you  can see all that on facebook or myspace or the police blotter.


5 Responses to About Baltimore Boy

  1. Bill Aydlett says:

    Bring it buddy!

  2. kristenking says:

    Scott Carberry, you overgrown alley, you…say hey to your gorgeous girl for me, I’m glad to see you outside of Facebook…which is outside of Frijoles…which is outside of Sisson’s and Cross Street. Long time friend, first time writer!

  3. Esther says:

    We found you on the Mobbies list – fun to see some local Baltimore reviews! Su Casa is doing a promotion that we’d like to have some local Baltimore bloggers participating in… If you’d like some more information, please contact us or check out the site! Thanks, Scott!

  4. Nona Hatch says:

    You’re the perfect Baltimore Boy, for sure. Asshole. Yeah, it’s funnier with a Bawlmer accent. Smooches to you, too.

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