Baltimore’s New Divine! The Masked Orioles Fan!

Did everyone see this guy today during the broadcast of the Orioles-KC Royals game today?

Donde esta los Orioles fan, El Gordo?

I am of course, referring to the naked guy in the black and orange luchador mask?  He looks very “where’s Waldo-y”.  I saw him during the telecast and thought it was kinda funny but was primarily concerned with the Orioles pulling out another close victory.  Apparently this guy was really giving Camden Yards a show.  It was enough of a show that it made the Washington Post. I got all of these photos from their website!  More proof that DC’s got a boner for Baltimore.

These photos are great, but one of them really reminded me of a photo that I remembered from years ago that was of Divine performing her one woman show, “The Neon Woman”.  But first dig these, man.

She wants him BAAAADD!

Don’t you love it??!

I hereby give up my title of Baltimore’s Favorite Son….to this guy!

Okay, here is the photo that reminded me of Divine.  It also reminded me of that classic Bigfoot footage that Roger Patterson shot back in 1968.

Body by Natty Boh!

Let us not forget to gaze upon the greatest poster ever and partial inspiration for this blog, even though, like I said, I could NOT find the photo I was looking for.

When I moved out of my old apartment on S. Paca St. I left this on the wall as a treat for the people who have to clean apartments when tenants move out. It was nearly 5 feet tall!

I just thought that this guy is great.  I hope we see more of him….so to speak!




About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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3 Responses to Baltimore’s New Divine! The Masked Orioles Fan!

  1. Scott Huffines says:

    Is that dude wearing eye shadow?

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