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Baltimore-Land of Misfit Shoes Part III

Well maybe this is part 4 or 5…I forget.  Anyway, I was walking through Hampden today and while crossing the intersection of 36th street and Roland avenue, I looked up and noticed this. Yes, that’s a cowboy boot about 15 … Continue reading

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Kindness, Food&Fun@Dovecote Cafe

I have stopped by Dovecote Cafe twice and here is what I know: The owners and staff are so gracious and kind and fun-loving that you just know that opening Dovecote is a dream come true for them. They make … Continue reading

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Baltimore’s Barclay Street Beauty

For the first time in a quite a while, I had the opportunity to just relax on an actual day off.  While running errands and trying to track down a small piece of architecture that is supposedly a standing remnant … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me!

I was cruising through Mondawmin Mall today and came across a kiosk that sells Classic Kung Fu, Anime and Blaxploitation movies. I picked up this classic! The kiosks’ business name is Foreign Cinema.  It’s in front of the Popeye’s on … Continue reading

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Thank You, Nova, MPT, NASA & The Hubble Telescope! #InvisibleUniverseRevealed

After a long day of work I was fortunate to stumble upon Maryland Public Televisions’ airing of a Nova episode called “Invisible Universe Revealed”. It’s all about the development and difficulty of creating the Hubble Telescope.  It goes into great … Continue reading

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This is my new favorite piece of urban art.  It lives on a wall at the intersection of N. Patterson Park and North Avenue., You gotta dig this! It looks like a 1950’s Creature Feature; something that might be lampooned … Continue reading

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I Love that HowChow Blog digs ROOTS MARKETS’ Lemonades!! I am very excited that the hard work and creativity of Roots’ Chef, Seamus Scott and our hard-working and creative cooks, Araceli Valladares and Nathan Tucker is getting such a rave review from the HowChow Blog.  Today, I did … Continue reading

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Baltimore Boy’s Random Photos to See if WordPress Advice Works.

Last blog, I complained about how, once again, WordPress has felt the need to screw with a good thing, therefore, making the site harder to use.  I actually sent an inquisition to WordPress and a response was sent to my … Continue reading

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My Baltimore Books

I am consistently threatening to do a whole bunch of blogs about every book I have that is Baltimore-themed. Much to my chagrin, I have failed to follow through on this. Other than flea markets, Normal’s Books&Records in Waverly is … Continue reading

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Why, oh, Why is Rick Moranis’ Photo Hanging at Costas’ Inn??

I’ve been enjoying meals at Baltimore’s Costas’ Inn for a few years now.  It really is a bit of an oasis on North Point Blvd as that thoroughfare is sparsely populated.  By that I mean, there are a couple strip … Continue reading

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