Kindness, Food&Fun@Dovecote Cafe

0I have stopped by Dovecote Cafe twice and here is what I know: The owners and staff are so gracious and kind and fun-loving that you just know that opening Dovecote is a dream come true for them. They make the most PERFECT Kale salad I have ever had and they will brew you a great pretension-free cup of coffee…and they make that fun, too. Apparently, when it comes to coffee, I’m a “Smidge”. Who knew?!

When I was there today, they had a Pixilated Photobooth contraption and one of the owners, Aisha, wanted me to get in on that. So she and I did a little vogueing for the camera. It’s so wonderful to have this charming spot in Reservoir Hill.  Do yourself a favor and stop by and say, Hi!


About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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