My New Obsession: ‘In The Spirit’ Green Space in West Baltimore

After treating myself to an awesome Just Juice It juice from the Upton Avenue Market I was heading toward SoWeBo via Fulton Avenue and I stumbled upon this unique green space that I am assuming is a children’s park or memorial in a vacant lot on Lauretta Avenue(or is it street?)InTheSpiritGateway1in West Baltimore.

What isn’t unique is that like more than a couple of these parks, it has become overgrown and kind of forgotten.  I have a thing for taking trash bags to different locations and picking up trash and I can guarantee you that i will adopt this space. At the top of the center, squared arch,is this iron sign: inTheSpiritsignIt’s a little difficult to see but it says, ‘In The Spirit’.  What I’m not sure of is, in the spirit of what?  This garden takes up a lot that probably had 3 houses on it at one time and there is more to it. Lemme show you the other stuff. intheSpiritIronworkThis is some more iron work that is in the “windows” of the facade. This appears to be an angel.

InThespiritFenceOnce past the brick and iron work, there is this long fence that is overgrown with ivy but some text is visible, let’s get close up on the words.inTheSpiritBlueAs you can see, the text is obscured by ivy, but the words, True, News, Murdered, Live and Young Person are legible. Next to it is this mural on the side of the house that is still there.InTheSpiritmuralAs you can see, the mural is overgrown, too.  I am now officially fascinated by this park or memorial.  I did a search of the Baltimore Sun’s archives but couldn’t find anything solid on this particular location. I did find an article about something similar written by Susan Shapiro but nothing about this.

In the coming weeks, when I have a spare few moments, I’m gonna go back over there and try to uncover the words on that fence. I will let you know what I find

About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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