Baltimore Boy Likes it Bazaar(yes i know the proper usage is ‘bizarre’)

I ventured to Hampden this past Monday and stumbled across a cool place that I had read about and was hoping to check out. Here’s their business card.BazaarBusinesscardYup, Bazaar Curiosities and Oddities on Chestnut Avenue.  If you liked the now-defunct Dime Museum on Maryland Avenue and if you are the sort of person that travels to Philadelphia just to visit the Mutter Museum, then you will enjoy this quaint little shop of creepy things.  Admittedly, if taxidermy gives you the willies, you should probably avoid Bazaar but if you want to buy photos of diseased genitalia, then RUN, don’t walk to Bazaar!

I did not purchase any of the aforementioned, nasty…um…nasty bits but I found an old Ouija board.  I’ve always wanted one. I don’t want to conjure up Houdini’s dear, deceased mother; rather, I want one because the Ouija Board as we know it, was invented in Baltimore by a man named Elijah Bond..

I could have picked one in pretty decent shape as there were a few to choose from, but I picked the board that had packaging in a state of disrepair, but I bought it because the artwork on it was spooky good.  Dig it!

BazaarOuijaArtwork   I’m also fascinated by really old photos of people I don’t know.  I just start trying to imagine their story and I like trying to figure out where in the world they are posing and all that stuff. Anyway, Bazaar had a whole collection of those kind of photos, too. Check out these nattily attired Bonnie&Clyde wannabes:BazaarBonnie&clyde  And you just have to love this fashionable and appropriately aloof young lady from back in the day- Doesn’t she look amazing?!  The fellow behind the counter at Bazaar quipped that I could use the Ouija board to contact the people in the photos.  Oh, how droll!

What or whom is she looking at??

What or whom is she looking at??

If i did use the board, I can guarantee that it wouldn’t quite look like thisBazaarbackofOuijaI mean, check out these nice, clean-cut white kids as they conjure otherworldly dark forces. It better not be a school night, you two!greenmountOuijaGraveAnd from one of my earlier blogs about Baltimore’s Greenmount Cemetery, here is Elijah Bond’s grave.This is just proof that Bazaar is right at home in Baltimore.

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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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