Martin Short’s Baltimore Money Shot

I’ve been a fan of Martin Shorts’ since his SCTV days.  Like all of his SCTV compadres, he fearlessly created characters that were off-kilter and potentially only funny to a select few people.  Count me as one of those.  Because of this, I was eager to read his autobiography, “I Must Say”.

It is a good read and of course, there isn’t a darn thing Baltimore-y about it, as Martin Short is very Canadian.  But as the book was ending, he relates a story about staying in a luxury hotel here in Baltimore and some hijinx he found himself in. Here’s photo of the book:MartinShort

Anyway, he apparently, in an effort to liberate his morning paper from the vestibule of his hotel suite, managed to lock himself out of his hotel room. Yes, he was naked.  He spies a courtesy phone down the hall.  He grabs the newspaper to cover his adorable Canadian genitals and starts down the hallway.  Fortuitously, he notices a housekeeping cart and offers a hello to the maid working that room.  The maid comes out, takes a gander at Martins’ glorious nudity and says, “Oh, Mr. Short. You have made my day!  She even circled around him to get the full view. I just think this is great and more proof that Baltimore is the center of the Universe.  What would Ed Grimley, say?

That Maid in Baltimore got a real good look at my niblets, I must say!

That Maid in Baltimore got a real good look at my niblets, I must say!

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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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