I Love that HowChow Blog digs ROOTS MARKETS’ Lemonades!!


I am very excited that the hard work and creativity of Roots’ Chef, Seamus Scott and our hard-working and creative cooks, Araceli Valladares and Nathan Tucker is getting such a rave review from the HowChow Blog.  Today, I did a live Demo at our Clarksville store and we sold a LOT of Lemonade.  Ginger Wheatgrass, Raspberry Thyme and Strawberry Basil and all the others.  Just real exciting for all of us in Roots Markets’ Prepared Foods Department!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Spectacular Lemonade At Roots: Jazzing Up With Fruit And Flavors To Refresh Your Summer

I’m a water-drinker.  The fads of flavors and teas left me unimpressed.  But Roots has captured me with lemonades that are worth the splurge.

Mint-lime.  Wheatgrass-ginger-lemon.  Strawberry-basil.  These are Roots house brand made into 16-ounce bottles that go for about $2.  They’re full of flavor, done nicely where strong tastes like ginger or basil are measured nicely so that they’re energizing, not overwhelming. They’re a great reason to check out the Clarksville organic grocery store.

If you go to Roots, check all my posts.  But definitely check out their guacamole.  I’ll hold Mrs. HowChow’s guacamole over anything, but you can’t beat the convenience of Roots’ fresh-made version.  They buy great avocados, and that has always been tough for me.

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