Patterson Family Graveyard Defiled, Maybe Betsy’s Ghost Did it!

I hadn’t stopped by the Patterson Family Graveyard in a while so on a recent stamp purchasing trek to the Waverly Post Office, I ambled over.  You may recall some blogs I posted last year, after I stumbled upon the Patterson family’s hidden-in-plain-view cemetery. Those posts were all about finding out if it actually was a graveyard, whose was it and why did it seem so unloved, particularly after I learned that it was indeed the plot of one Baltimore’s most powerful families.

I do stop by on occasion to clean up around it, but of course, I still haven’t been able to gain access to it.  My contacting of different departments in Baltimore City Government has resulted in some nice emails from the assistants of officials but I don’t actually know which department has the key to the big steel door.  In due time, I guess.

So, like I said, I ambled over and noted that the area around the graveyard was cleaner than it normally is, which made me glad.  I then walked to the front and saw that someone had tagged it.  This bummed me out a bit.  I actually like graffiti in some situations, but it does have it’s place, I guess.  It’s kind of like John Waters notion of “good, bad taste”.  And I’m not sure if that truly applies here.  But in my mind, Graves are off limits to graffiti.  I took a couple of pics and I noted that it looks like it’s been tagged before and covered up.  Proof that Baltimore City does try to look after it to some extent.

I know that you know that I will continue to inquire as to the upkeep of this historical site and that I will keep you posted as to any developments.  I mean, the Pattersons are an iconic Baltimore family. ImageGo check out the current exhibit about Betsy Patterson at the MD Historical Society, if you need convincing. 




About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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