Hey Hollywood..You Need a Haunted House for a Horror Movie? Come To Baltimore!!!

If you read this blog with any regularity, you know that I’m not just obsessed with Baltimore, I am obsessed with Old Baltimore.  Soon, I will write an entry about the book, “The York Road”, by under-appreciated Baltimore author, Lizette Woodworth Reese.  I am currently reading that book and it documents life in Waverly and Govans in the early 1900’s.

She describes a Baltimore that is quite frankly, pastoral. Her descriptions make me venture around trying to place and envision the locations she writes about.  Of course, this means that I get lost in looking at other buildings.  While doing this today, I drove up Old York Rd. and made a left on 42nd Street and came across this old, columned structure that I’ve seen before a million times while driving up the NEW York Rd. I always wanted to get out and take a closer look…well today was the day.!

I walked up to the arched, iron gate and looked up the creepy stairs and saw that above the boarded up door on the transom the following words were painted, Moran Funeral Home.  Damn, that’s perfect!  It is a perfect haunted house!

Here’s the look up the stairs.Image

I tried to walk around it a bit but it’s on a hill and when I found the rear steps, I saw the obligatory, no trespassing signs.  Also, the motion light on the house behind it came on so I hightailed it out of there.  By the way, that house is pretty weird, too-maybe a blog for another time.  Here’s a shot of the ruined columns on the side of the funeral home.Image And here is a classic shot of a classic wrought iron fence.ImageIt also has the prerequisite, stone wall with a ball.

What I find even more fascinating is that I can’t find any mention of this funeral home on the internet.  No old photos, no newspaper references, no, “It’s closing” notices.  It’s a mystery.  And even though it’s all boarded up, the way the back of the building looked, it seems that someone could possibly be living in there.  It’s creepy.

So I think I will email Jacques Kelly at the Baltimore Sun to see if he knows anything about this place.  He seems to not only know things about old Baltimore buildings, he seems to have a story about them.  I’m wondering if he had an aunt that was laid out there or something.  That would be weird and fantastic!

Anyway…scary movie location scouts…come and check it out!

About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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7 Responses to Hey Hollywood..You Need a Haunted House for a Horror Movie? Come To Baltimore!!!

  1. Tom Warner says:

    Scott, the old Moran Funeral Home was “The Mansion” – the house Skizz Cyzyk used to live in with Brian Danilowski (Meatjack) and Jon Jolles and others assorted artists/college students in the ’90s and where Skizz hosted his Mansion Theater film series – which begat MicroCineFest…there was even a coffin in the screening room. That’s the first place I ever saw Skizz’s band Garage Sale play.

    • Jeez, does he still have keys to the place?? I’m dying to know when it stopped being a funeral home. Thanks, Tom for this awesome info!

      • rpol35 says:

        I Lived in Baltimore for years but moved away a long time ago. I attended grade school with a boy who’s last name was Donovan and his grandfather was John Moran, proprietor of the funeral home on 42nd St and York Road.

        My grandmother knew the Morans and when she died in late 1965 her viewing was held at that home. I attended it but have little recollection other than it was scary then, though in a much better state of repair.

        I think the Moran family had another location, maybe in east Baltimore, that they operated but I believe that is now closed too.

        I am pretty sure that the Moran home lasted into the ’70’s but I don’t know beyond that; you can probably search business occupational licenses which usually list an address – don’t know how far back however. Jacques Kelly (Balto. Sun) is pretty good at digging up historical information and he can probably help.

        According to Zillow, the property sold on 9/18/2015 for $32,000 – yes I have always been fascinated by that building, just wish I could remember my visit there in 1965.

  2. Paula says:

    I knew it looked familiar!

  3. John Gage says:

    I’ve seen a light on through the window above the front door . I too would love to go inside but if there’s electric , someone’s there

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