Jacques Kelly to the Rescue!!

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun’s Finest

I know that all of you are dying to know how my investigation into the nomenclature of the mystery structure I blogged about yesterday is going.  Well my main man, Jacques Kelly came through in the clutch.  I sent him an email today and within hours he responded.  I have to admit, he was a bit smug, saying, “this one’s easy”.  I kid. No smuggery at all.  The man knows his stuff and I feel vindicated in that I believed in my gut that it was a private family cemetery.  It is actually the Patterson Family Cemetery.  Yes, the famous-Patterson Park-is-named-after-them-Pattersons.

But Jacques made sure to note that Betsy Patterson Bonaparte is not buried there.  Wild child, Betsy is buried in Greenmount Cemetery, if I recall properly. Let’s check her out!

Betsy Patterson Bonaparte

The Three Faces of Betsy

So if I may, since the Patterson’s were so affluent and powerful, her marrying of Jerome Bonaparte is arguably analogous to a Kennedy marrying a member of the British Royal family.  Of course, Baltimore ladies are always stealing the hearts of foreign monarchs, cue the Wallis Simpson photo!

Cover of TIME. Not bad for a crabtown girl.

Cover of TIME. Not bad for a crabtown girl.

And let us not forget to throw up an image of big Bill.  Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. William Patterson:

Oh that daughter of mine!!!

Oh that daughter of mine!!!

Man, that’s a big painting!  Okay now here’s the thing; I know that it’s the Patterson Family Plot and I know that Betsy isn’t in there, but is William in there? Is Mrs. Patterson in there?  If so, I really feel that there has to be some kind of historical marker saying so.  Maybe, it’s for all the little Pattersons.

Now I have to contact Baltimore City and see if it’s being taken care of.  The area around it could definitely use some love.  Sounds like a new crusade for BaltimoreBoy!!  Here’s one more look at the gate.

Front gate to Patterson Family Cemetery, Baltimore, MD

Front gate to Patterson Family Cemetery, Baltimore, MD





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