Need Some Help, Old-School Waverly People and Maybe Jacques Kelly

I love stumbling upon amazing old Baltimore architecture and last week I experienced the latest installment in, “What IS this cool old building thing?!”

I had to buy some stamps and popped over to the Waverly Post Office, which, for some reason, is a bit obscured here in Northeast Baltimore. It resides off of Loch Raven and Homewood.  If I recall properly, and here is another situation in which I could use some verification, the Waverly Post Office used to be on 33rd Street, in the heart of Waverly.  I remember it being where the Waverly branch of the Enoch Pratt Library sits. Am I right in this?  I mean, the Old Waverly Post Office appears in “Pink Flamingos”, it’s sort of famous!  Connie and Raymond Marble mailed a box of poop to Divine to the greatest address ever:

                                     Babs Johnson-A Trailer-Phoenix, MDImageThere’s the trailer!

Sorry. I’m already off on a tangent.  I’ll get to the meat of this thing. I started driving away from the P.O. and decided to turn right as opposed to the normal left that I make and immediately noted this.Image It’s a bad photo of an 8 foot high wall with cast iron, pointy keep-out fence things.  What it is, isn’t obvious.  I know this sounds stupid, but as I got closer I kept seeing footage of Marines fighting in Hue in my head. I know, weird.  

Okay, so I walked around it and found that it is indeed a complete square and it is impossible to see into it due to the height of the wall.  It’s also oddly situated. Obviously the oldest structure in the area, it abuts the Coldstream Recreation center as evidenced by this photo.ImageSee! This basketball court runs right up on it.  Now here is why it is so crazy; this structure, whatever it is, was built in 1793. Here’s the proof!ImageSee?!  None of these lame photos do this thing justice.  It has a thick steel door that was locked. I tried to push it in and all I could get was about an inch of clearance.  I was praying to see grave markers, because that is all I can imagine this weirdly placed compound is.  In my mind, some old school Baltimore family used to live on this chunk of land on Homewood Avenue and all that remains is the family plot.  But I have no proof.  This is where my Carberry family and all other old Waverly families need to scan their memory banks and let me know, ‘cuz I have been obsessing over this thing since last week.  Call the Maryland Historical Society! Call Jacques Kelly! I’ve tried to get a good shot of this thing from Google Earth but the tree growth is too dense. What is it???!!


About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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