My New Favorite Painting!

Anna and I are enjoying a few days of not working and we knocked out a quick overnight trip to the Brandywine Valley in PA.  We went to Pierre DuPont’s estate, Longwood Gardens and marveled at the incredible horticultural  display.  Simply a mind boggling array of plants, flowers and we bore witness to the power of being a mega-rich dude, from a mega rich family.  Oh those zany, DuPonts.

Anywhoodle, The Brandywine region is also home to the Brandywine River Museum.  It is on the land that NC Wyeth owned and lived on.  He trained, essentially, his entire family to be amazing artists and, of course, that includes his son, the incredible, Andrew Wyeth.

I am always blown away whenever I get to see famous paintings, all up close and personal, like.  “Christina’s World’ is probably the most famous of Andrew Wyeth’s paintings and it is wonderful, but I was most taken with a painting that I had never heard of called, “Raccoon’. Here is is.Image

Look at this dog.  The placard that described it said that Wyeth knew the owner of this dog and that the owner was abusive to his dogs and this one most in particular.  Wyeth offered to buy the dog from the man who refused.  It’s a very sad story and as I wondering why there were no mugs, or postcards or t-shirts with this painting in the gift shop(I would have bought one!) Anna surmised that it was just too sad a story to be sold in that manner.  A lady who worked the gift shop said exactly that.

You should really go see this painting.  It could not be easier to get there from Baltimore.  Simply get on Belair Rd and drive 85 miles North.  That will take you to the Brandywine Battlefield, Longwood Gardens and of course, The Brandywine River Museum.  Hell, the museum is beautiful! It overlooks the Brandywine Creek.  There are bed&breakfasts as well as traditional hotels.  We stayed at the Pennsbury Inn B&B. Definitely quaint and pleasant.


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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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