Yes, I know I made the title a hashtag and , yes, I know this is WordPress and not Twitter.  I just used this hashtag earlier in a tweet and thought it would make a nice title for a blog considering my subject matter.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying a day off not running errands and not worrying too much about too much for a change.  I also knew that there were some things I had to address through the internet but also know that if I stayed home and tried to accomplish these things that I’d get sucked into a day of ‘The First 48’ reruns.  So I figured that I’d treat myself to some time at Zeke’s Coffee on Harford Rd, here in glorious NE Baltimore City.  Let’s pimp them and their great coffee for a second.

Zeke's cup and a copy of City paper-who lives in Baltimore? This guy.

Zeke’s cup and a copy of City paper-who lives in Baltimore? This guy. 



While there and doing my stuff, I noticed that every third person that walked in Zeke’s Coffee had a limp.  No lie. In 30 minutes, 4 people “silly walked” into the store.  2 muttered to themselves the whole time and NO, I am not counting the hearing impaired woman who was communicating through sign language to a friend through her laptop webcam thingy.  For the most part these were younger people who weren’t unkempt.  One could say that they were even attractive, probably had decent jobs and all that.  Didn’t matter, ‘cuz two of them were missing teeth.  I found myself ‘live tweeting’ the goings on and my friend, Jennifer Astin picked up on it.  She’s a fellow B-more native that is currently residing in Los Angeles and I think she enjoyed this slice of home.

Now anyone who reads this blog knows that I’m a fan of Art and most in particular, Art that is unique to Baltimore.  So it made me happy that an Artist with the handle of, N. Syrquin, has a show hanging there now that has lots of cool little pieces.  They’ve hung mini paintings of the cast of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou’ and ‘The Royal Tennebaums’ and these are all cool but what I really like are these homages(can homage be pluralized?) to cool Baltimore people and stuff.  Enjoy!

I like this a lot.

I like this a lot.



Sweet!  Get it?

Sweet! Get it?

Well you knew there was gonna be a John Waters sighting.

Well you knew there was gonna be a John Waters sighting.

And of course, DIVINE!

This is quite good!

This is quite good!





And how could anyone forget Poe!?zekespoe

So come on down to Zeke’s Coffee House on Harford Rd, check out the art and see if anyone is limping, muttering or missing teeth!

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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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2 Responses to #BaltimoreBeingBaltimore

  1. lolabees says:

    So I’m curious… is that description typical of the people of Baltimore? I do love people watching. I’ve realized people are pretty “normal” here in Denver. It’s nothing like LA or NY.

    • Well the description is not atypical. In one of his books, John Waters noted how many people in Baltimore are missing limbs. “Only in Baltimore is missing a limb a “look”. Not nearly as bad now but there is still plenty to gander at.

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