Baltimore’s Baddest Blogger!!

By “Baddest” I actually mean, laziest and worst.  I am speaking of my lame-ass self.

Lame Blogger, me!?

I think about blogging everyday but I am so ridiculously tired after work that it just becomes hard to keep up with it, so whatevs!  Lemme see what I can dig up.

Here’s a photo of yummy blueberry pancakes from Atwater’s on Falls Rd.

Okay, what else have I got in my downloaded photos that I’ve never used.

Here are the Blue Angels decapitating people at Fort McHenry. Youch!

Hold on, ya’ll let me bore you with another thing or two.

Check out this adorable Angora Rabbit I saw at Druid Hill Farmer’s Market. So cute and I love his sweater!

That rabbit totally looks like a Tribble!  Okay, enough of this.  I promise to return with more substantial blogs in the coming weeks.




About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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4 Responses to Baltimore’s Baddest Blogger!!

  1. Tom Warner says:

    Bad boy, bad boy, whatcha gonna do? Watcha gonna do when they come for you? Hey, I love your blog, Scott…and yes, finding the time & energy is the hardest part of the process!

  2. Blog when you blog, Dog.

    It’ll be here when we need it, it’ll be here when you feed it.

    Those pancakes look delicious.

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