Baltimore Boy and Sports Radio Gossip Silliness

I can’t resist reporting this little bit of ridiculousness, but I heard something today on Baltimore’s 105.7 The Fan, that I just thought was awesome.  Let me say that I truly enjoy the insight that former Baltimore Orioles, Jim Palmer, Dave Johnson and Joe Orsulak provide.  Palmer and Johnson don’t broadcast on 105.7.  Palmer does Oriole TV broadcasts for MASN and Dave Johnson is part of the post-game show on WBAL.  Those guys know pitching and they really help me understand the game I love and think I know well, better.

This evening, I was able to catch post-game coverage on The Fan with Joe Orsulak providing analysis of today’s game.  The topic of conversation was how the 1989 “Why Not” Orioles, a team that Joe was on, compared to this year’s team.  A popular discussion point on sports talk radio is who the Orioles should pursue in free agency and names get bandied around and all that stuff and Orsulak talked about players that the O’s picked up for stretch runs in 1989 and and 1992.  He mentioned that the guys that the O’s picked up didn’t really do to much to help the club.  A guy like Ron Kittle who was a real good guy and really did his best to help the club was mentioned but Orsulak went on to mention that some guys sometimes resent being sent to a new club and that they “lay down”.  He said that Keith Moreland was a guy like that and he straight up said it.  It was refreshing to hear a former pro athlete just call it like he saw it.  I checked Moreland’s stats that he put up with the O’s and they definitely weren’t the kind of stats that a team would be expecting of a guy that they pursued to help them make a push for the playoffs.

I cannot wait to get of here!

In all fairness to Keith Moreland, his last season was 1989 so whatever.  He only had 107 at bats for the O’s so I’m surprised that there is even a baseball card with him in an Orioles uniform.  There is actually a couple of them! Anyway, here is a Joe Orsulak baseball card that shows him definitely NOT LAYING DOWN! Check it!

Say it IS so, Joe!

I hope to keep hearing this kind of candid commentary from Joe Orsulak and Palmer and Dave Johnson.  These men actually played the game…WELL.  It is just so much more interesting than listening to sportscasters who haven’t ever stood in a batter’s box or tried to throw a pitch.  Can you dig it?


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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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