100th Post, 2nd Honeymoon-Springtime in Baltimore

I feel ridiculous for not being able to manage a little time to write a blog.  I always want to put my best effort into my bloggy endeavors and with my work schedule it has become more and more difficult to find that time, ‘ya know?

Anyway, two weeks ago, my wife, Anna was on spring break from her job as the coolest, most incredible, kick-ass Art teacher in Baltimore County and I made damn sure that if I wasn’t working, we were doing something cool and fun and something that we have been wanting to do. We visited the Botanical Conservatory in Druid Park and it was so cool.  We have always wanted to go and we finally had time.  Let’s see if I have any photos saved on my computer.

Hold on! It's not green!

Even if you are completely unimpressed by amazing plants, you should really go because you will see a monster agave like THIS!

Feed me, Scottie!!

This thing is huge!  Also amazing is the room full of orchids.  They smelled of vanilla and cinnamon and all sorts of lovely things, here’s a photo of the vanilla-y one.

This orchid stole my heart...um..'cuz I'm trying to make a funny about "The Orchid Thief". It just freakin' smells good, okay!?

We were in there for about 45 minutes or so and on the way out, Anna said that she hadn’t been to the Baltimore Zoo in years.  I said the same and then we decided to just go right then!  I mean, it’s right there.  It’s a natural progression.  Incredible plants-incredible animals.  I don’t think that I have any photos from the Zoo, but let me check. Okay, I don’t have any pics from the zoo and YES, I know it’s officially named , The Maryland Zoo, but it’s kind of like how no one over 35 years of age calls the Baltimore Civic Center, by it’s newer name, “The First Mariner Arena”.  RIGHT!!??

I’d also been wanting to visit the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of African American Culture.  Simply a wonderful and educational journey.  Let me put the link here.


Anna and I shared great meals and nifty adventures during her springbreak  and I noted that it was kind of a second honeymoon and she concurred.  So my advice to you is to be a tourist in your own city…and oh yeah! I forgot to mention that we went to the Orioles game where Jason Hammel almost tossed a no-hitter.  Man, We DID do alot that week and I didn’t have any extra time off.

So anyway, go forth and live and love in Baltimore!

About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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2 Responses to 100th Post, 2nd Honeymoon-Springtime in Baltimore

  1. Andrew says:

    Monster plants, and old timey looking greenhouses. Sold. Baltimore here I come.

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