Baltimore Boy’s Bride Bestows Bounty!

I know what you are thinking.  “Scott, why oh why are you blogging on your wedding day?  Surely there is more that you could be doing!”  Well we are still 5-6 hours away from needing to be anywhere so I felt compelled to inform the world of the amazing gifts that Anna bought for me for our wedding day.  That’s right, 11/11/11, cool, right?

What else does a true, Baltimore Boy need but a brand new copy of his favorite movie soundtrack, the ORIGINAL, 1988 “Hairspray” recording. If you have never availed yourself of this perfect compilation of music, you should…well…um…avail yourself.

"I don't know about you, but I feel like dancing!"

And check out this great still from the film I found! In my fantasy world, I would get married dressed like Debbie Harry.

Mr. & Mrs. Von Tussle

But wait!  There’s more!  Anna also bought me the latest DVD version of John Water’s “Female Trouble”  With COMMENTARY!!!

I LOVE this poster for the Film!

Now you gotta dig the cherry on top.  Anna had this t-shirt made for me!

All she wanted was a pair of Cha-cha heels.

So I’m done writing this blog.  Gettin’ hitched tonight @ Jordan Faye Block’s BE Gallery in South Baltimore’s Federal Hill neighborhood.  As the big moment approaches, I can’t help but think of Edith Massey as Aunt Ida in “Female Trouble” as she warns her nephew, Gator about the dangers of not being Gay.  “Oh Gator, I’m afraid you’ll get married, celebrate anniversaries…the world of a heterosexual is a sick and boring life!”

About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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2 Responses to Baltimore Boy’s Bride Bestows Bounty!

  1. Mack Astin says:


    Three cheers for the Delightful Duo…

    Heck, make it six cheers!

    May your days be filled with joy and charms – may your nights be spent in each other’s arms.

    We love you tons,
    Jen & Mack

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