Diner Hunter Made Me Do It!

My blog today is inspired by my love of old Baltimore and the work of WordPress Blogger, Spencer Stewart.  His blog is called Diner Hunter and aside from his love of old diners, he is as fanatical about the late, great MD burger joint chain, Little Tavern.  Diner Hunter is chock-full-of-nuts full of photos of Little Tavern restaurants through the ages and from all around Baltimore and the surrounding environs.  So if you are into stuff like that, please check it out.

Now, dig this…I stumbled across what I believe to be an old Little Tavern near the Eastside Courthouse at the corners of North Avenue and Harford Rd. the other day.  I can’t believe that my eyes have never fallen across it before.  I guess its because I’m always staring at the courthouse because it just doesn’t look like an official Baltimore Government building.  A couple of blogs back, I gushed about the Mitchell Courthouse in Downtown Baltimore because it’s so damn beautiful and old.  The Eastside Courthouse, not so much.  The Eastside Courthouse took over the old Sears store that stood on that spot for years.  It’s not such an uncommon theme here in Baltimore as evidenced by so many of the old Little Tavern buildings being turned into Lake Trout carryouts and liquor stores.

Anyway, here are the photos that I took,  maybe Spencer has vintage photos of this location!

I’m looking at you, Diner Hunter!  Until next time, Hons!  PS. One of the greatest moments in film history is the scene from John Waters’, “Female Trouble”, where Divine as thief and shitkicker, Dawn Davenport, works at a Little Tavern where she couldn’t have been more menacing to the customers who I honestly believe weren’t sure if  Divine was the actual waitress or not.

Hi! can I get a tavern bag of ....Pettifords?Okay. Maybe it's a slightly elongated Tavern.

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