Hollywood is Full of Lazy Bastards!!!

I was driving past the Rotunda Cinema here in Baltimore today and noted that all of the movies playing were sequels.  Every fucking one of them.  I get it.  This is all just product and movie makers know that it’s easy to make a subsequent buck off of a previous made buck.  It’s just good business.  This just seemed a little ridiculous.

Enjoy the silly photo!!

Now playing, "Redundancy 3, A New Beginning"


PS.  Anna and I just got done watching the 3rd installment of the “Girl With the Red Dragon Tattoo” series so I’m not immune to the charms of sequels.

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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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4 Responses to Hollywood is Full of Lazy Bastards!!!

  1. malichou says:

    It’s true that lately most of the movies produced are sequels.The reason is just one and pretty simple:guaranteed success.It’s logic that most of the fans of a successfull movie,watch immediately the sequel too,regardless if it’s also good or not.
    Producing companies care to make money and raise the budges,so they just follow this sure tactic.
    For example about the Pirates of the Caribean,it’s the 4th movie now,and all the previous have made huge numbers,they were all box-office with many millions profit.I guess there will be made 2-3 more movies of it,until people get really bored finaly
    PS: I watched the Hangover2 and it’s quite funny i have to say,if you happen to have the proper mood try it 😉

  2. ha! good shot.

    let us know when gandhi 2 is playing.

  3. it’s good my wife doesn’t read these comments, she would probably wig out that you said that. that’s totally something i would have said.

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