Bow Tie BeBop-aloola, Baltimore Boy Style

Dr. Poindexter Gooberfacea little bow tie upskirt...sweeeet.

Back in the late ’80’s early ’90’s, I was a waiter and bartender at Sisson’s in Federal Hill, South Baltimore.  During this period of my life I learned the charms of the bow tie.  I love vintage ties anyway and once I figured out how to actually manipulate a bow tie; I became a bit of a bow tie snob.

After Sisson’s and I parted ways, I stopped wearing them.  Not sure why.  I guess that I just outgrew them.  A few years went by and I started jonesing for a little bow tie love and I picked one up at a store and tried to tie it and I COULD NOT remember how to tie the damn thing!  No combination of twists and turns could turn this oblongy strip of fabric thingy into anything that resembles a bow tie.

My affection for bow ties continued over the years and I have often gotten a mite wistful recalling the salad days of my looking like a barbershop quartet reject(new name of the band).

So jump forward to last weekend.  The Sugarloaf Craft Festival was making it’s bi-annual stop at the Timonium Fairgrounds and now that I’m about to marry into the craft-appreciating world I actually know things like this as well as attend things like this.  I do really enjoy these outings and I do have favorite vendors that I look forward to seeing when I go.

So we are strolling through the auditorium and I happen upon a stall filled with bow ties.  I, of course, start going into my bow tie ooh and aahhing reverie and the gentleman who was manning the stand let me find my way around.  My enjoyment of the bow ties was too much, he had to make sure that he tried to sell his wares.  We then had a wonderful conversation about life, I guess.  He explained that this was his first time on the Sugarloaf tour thing and we noted that we hadn’t seen him before.  He had been an architect in Syracuse, NY and just decided to follow his passion for all things bow tie-riffic.  We really had a wonderful discussion about putting positivity out into the world and meeting people and just getting stronger from each experience and all that kind of stuff.

I still wasn’t sure that I was going to buy a tie, but then he took the bull by the horns and re-taught me how to tie a bow tie.  I HAD to buy one now, right?!  I did.  It was $40.  Now I’ve seen bow ties recently for $90 so $40, though  still a little rich for my blood was a good investment.  I forgot to tell you, the gents name is Geraldo and he asked if he could take a photo of me for his website and I offered some insight into how to maybe gain a foothold in the Baltimore market and he was so happy with all of this good stuff that he offered me another tie.  That’s right, 2 ties for the price of one.  Cool, right!?

Here are some photos of me and the bow tie action. I don’t know why I can’t get these photos to sit side by side but whatever, you get the drift.  So anyway, if you are looking for your own bow tie action, check out Geraldo’s website,

I can't manage to delete this extra photo

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