Baltimore’s Big Boo! Norm Bulaich Comes to me in a Dream!

Dig this Baltimore Colt being tackled in Super Bowl V by the Dallas Cowboy’s Chuck Howley…or is it Clint Howley?  His name is Norm Bulaich and he was definitely a vital member of the Colts’ Super Bowl Victory over the Cowboys.

I love you, Norm!!!

Norm Bulaich (pronounced like goulash) was a a bit of a journeyman NFL running back but he did have a great 1971 season for the Baltimore Colts and because of that AND his fun name, mentioning him brings a smile to the face of old school Baltimore sports fans.

He enjoyed so much success with the Colts that even made the cover of Sports Illustrated!  Check it out!

Hi. My name is Norman and I'm a me!

Anyway…the only reason I am even devoting a blog to ol’ Norm is that he appeared in my dreams the other night.  Okay, that’s an overstatement; he was asked about in a dream the other night and the dream itself wasn’t much of a dream.

Really, nothing happened in the dream at all.  No visuals, no context, no narrative of any kind.  I’m just sleeping and out of nowhere I hear something like, “Scott, what about Norm Bulaich?” or “Hey, don’t forget, Norm Bulaich.”  What makes it even weirder is that the voice was that of my Mom’s boyfriend, Bob.  Bob has Asperger’s syndrome and really doesn’t follow football.  I can only imagine that if football was one of Bob’s interests that he would know, EVERYTHING about every player, or at least collect memorabilia the way he collects old vinyl records that really have no value at flea markets.

Now if I wanna be weird and analyze this non-dream I would venture the guess that I’m still a little bummed about the Ravens this year and that my subconscious wants me to remember a time in which my still-missed Baltimore Colts won Super Bowl V and the joy that it brought to my father and of course, little boy me.  Now I really have no recollection of the game itself but I used to wait all year for Super Bowl Sunday, regardless of who was playing because years ago, the 93 hour Super Bowl pregame show didn’t exist, instead there was a replaying of the highlight films that NFL films produced of all the Super Bowl games that came before.  Super Bowl V was described as being one of the sloppiest championship games ever.  But interviews with the players and people who were there described it as one of the hardest hitting games of all time.

As far as Bob being in the dream, I guess my subconscious just allowed for the replacement factor of my Dad for Bob since my Dad died back in the 70’s and Bob IS my Mom’s man friend.

Thanks for indulging my weirdness and I’m excited that in the coming weeks, anyone who googles Norm Bulaich will probably be given an option for looking at this blog…maybe Norm himself!!

Scott blogged about me!! Weeee!!


About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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3 Responses to Baltimore’s Big Boo! Norm Bulaich Comes to me in a Dream!

  1. Drewdy says:

    Norm Bulaich was a big deal his first season. I think he was a #1 draft choice and he was a tough runner and very fast. He gained like 144 yds in one of his first games when 100 yard games were rarer. Little known fact: He held his breath when he ran and long runs gave him trouble. If Don Nottingham comes to you in a dream, let me know.

  2. Dan Cottle says:

    Yes, it was Chuck Howley in the picture making the tackle. He was a longtime linebacker with Dallas. Clint Longley was a quarterback, best know for beating Washington in a Thanksgiving Day game around 1974. The following year, he sucker punched Roger Staubach in training camp and his days in Dallas were over.

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