Perfect Christmas Presents for a Baltimore Boy!

Let me just say that Anna and I had a wonderful Christmas!  Two items that Anna got me for Christmas were superb.  I mean, all of my presents were fantastic but these two items were simply perfect and I adore them.  I will first mention the “Homicide:Life on the Streets” box set.  Yes! Every episode to include the final movie on 35 DVD’s.  I often think that I should have stayed in Baltimore during the years that Homicide was shooting  just so that I could have gotten a shot on being on the show.  Actually, going to New York was the right idea.  I will tell you this though; when I lived in NY, watching, “Homicide” was a great way for me to scratch my Baltimore itch.

"'s the one thing this country still does well." -Steve Crosetti

The other thing is pretty rare.  I’ve never seen another in all my 44 years but a few months ago, Anna and I were in Ellicott City and stumbled across this purple Baltimore Orioles pennant.  Apparently, according to the sports memorabilia expert in the antique store, it’s from 1954-1955;  more than likely created by an independent manufacturer in the days before Major League Baseball was in charge of every aspect of development and marketing.  Anna realized how much I fancied it and got it for me and found a pennant frame online and she painted it to be more aesthetically appealing.Festive, right!?

I hope everyone had a great holiday season and got and gave some great stuff.

About scottcarberry

I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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