Dogwood Love!

I just got to take a few minutes and talk about how awesome the Dogwood continues to be.  Anna and I have enjoyed this excellent restaurant 4 times this year.  We made reservations for this past Thursday night because we have been jonesing to take advantage of Fried Chicken Night!!  I know, how can fried chicken be elegant?  The Dogwood pulls it off.  For $17 you get a HUGE breast and a good sized thigh with super delicious sides of mashed potatos, roasted carrots, sauteed haricots blancs and a biscuit!  We started with a roasted head of garlic, we both got the chicken special, Anna got a waiter’s choice shiraz(she loved it) and since we were celebrating the second anniversary of our  first date we both went nuts with dessert.  Anna got the chocolate chip pound cake with a scoop of Taharka bros Salty Caramel(diabolical) and I had the Carrot Cake with an orange butter cream icing and I got a scoop of the Taharka bros Honey Graham ice cream(criminal).  As always the service was very good.  The Dogwood’s owners, Galen and Bridget Sampson have just committed themselves to doing this right.  Galen is the kitchen genius who has been one of the top chefs in Baltimore for years and Bridget runs the floor and without fail, she has made sure to do a table touch with us and everyone is the dining room.  We stopped by the deli portion a couple of weeks ago to enjoy some sandwiches(they were great!) in the middle of the day and Bridget actually brought us our sandwiches.  Running any business is fraught with challenges and operating a restaurant is often beyond maddening.  The good people at the Dogwood just keep impressing this  old Baltimore restaurant professional over and over again.

Galen and Bridget

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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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