The Candy Box!!

What’s great about being from Baltimore is that I still have incredible moments of discovery; things and happenings that have been around for years that somehow I have managed to overlook.  The latest of these is The Candy Box @1610 Frederick Rd in Catonsville.

I credit my beloved, Anna with pointing me toward this rough jewel.  We spent the afternoon in Ellicott City and on the way back she made sure that we didn’t miss it and missing it is easy to do.  It’s marked only by an old wooden sign and some ice creamy words stenciled on a planter or something like that.  The building itself is an older white clapboard house and finding the tiny parking lot in back was a little challenging as well.

Upon entering prepare to NOT be overwhelmed by a Wonkian Uptopia that the name suggests.  There is indeed a traditional candy counter and a nearly empty juice cooler.  There is also an ice cream cooler but most importantly there is an old-I can’t-imagine-who-you-call-when-this-thing-breaks sno-ball maker.  Very old school.

We were here for what Anna was calling an ice cream parfait.  I knew that it would be refreshing so I didn’t pay any attention as she ordered two small ice cream parfaits.

I putzed around, fully realizing that this store had easily been around for quite awhile and could use some upkeep.  There were some free samples of flavored pecans, sweet, spicy and curry(curry pecans, I know!)that I couldn’t keep my fingers out of.  Turns out these pecans had just arrived from some lady in Ellicot City named Pat.  Her nuts were bagged with the label, “Pats Gone Nuts!”  I thought it was great and loved that someone could just roll up and on a handshake start selling their flavored nuts.

This whole time I can hear the sno ball machine whirring and grinding away and then Anna says, “There ya’ go.”  on the counter was this thing that looked like an icy trifle, or…I don’t know what.  The “small” was served in a 16 ounce plastic cup, kinda like what you would buy for when you get a keg of beer.  It was layers of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce infused sno ball ice.  There was even a huge dollop of more ice cream on top which I thought was whipped cream at first.  It was only $3.50!!!  They have to be losing money on this thing.

It was cold and chocolatey and vanilla ice creamy and the PERFECT antidote for a hot, humid Baltimore day.  They gave us two frequent buyers cards(2 already marked off).  Upon further review of the card, there isn’t a website or email address or anything.  Their phone lines weren’t working so to process our credit card they had to use the old school cha-chunk card imprinter.  It was a total throwback moment.

Like I said, there is no website and a google image search only turned up two tiny and not very good photos of the place.  Someone has to have documented the wonderfulness of this off the beaten path gem.  We will probably go back next weekend, you should go to!!

The address for The Candy Box is 1610 Frederick Rd. Catonsville, MD 21228.  The phone number is 410-747-5291

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I'm one nifty dude who is fascinated by his hometown; Baltimore, MD. It is persistently beautiful and ugly and I wish to live nowhere else ever again.
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6 Responses to The Candy Box!!

  1. anna says:

    I know, I DO want to go back next weekend!

  2. Melanie Reichard(Highlandtown represent) says:

    My grandmother used to always reminisce about a candy shop she worked for during her pre house wife years called The Log Cabin. It had an old school soda fountain and counter. I dont think it exist any more, but I feel like I have visited it in my memmory from her detailed stories stories. I’ll have to take my daughter to the place you wrote about.

    • Isn’t Log Cabin on Bel Air rd?

      • Kelly says:

        Wow, this took me back, just reading it. Thanks, Scott! Every summer growing up in Catonsville, we belonged to 5 Oaks pool. A little over a mile walk from the house to the pool with the Candy Box along the way. Rarely had money to stop in, but it was special when we did. I don’t know if the same folks own it, but it sounds like it hasn’t changed much from the 50’s/60’s (except there weren’t any fancy nuts). Sweet memory! Next time I’m out that way, I’ll stop in.

      • Thank you, Kelly! Reminiscing about growing up in Baltimore is what I’m all about!!

  3. Drewdy says:

    Gotta hit that!

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